Para pingpong is a diverse sport played by athletes from various disability classes. Each player has their own set of abilities and disabilities, and their own perception of the table size and distance. Every play style is, therefore, unique and different. Based on the player interviews and sketches, these special tables are made in the shapes they described. Para Pingpong Tables replicate the world seen through the athletes'eyes. Stand in front of these tables and experience their challenges and triumphs.

  • YAGI MODEL The round table Born with shortened arms, Yagi cannot reach for wide balls. In fact, almost all areas of the court are unreachable.
  • YAGI MODEL Run with all your might If your arms can’t reach, use your legs. This table challenges you to run, run and run some more to return the ball.
  • YAGI MODEL Running through the entire game Running is the key strategy. It requires exceptional stamina and leg strength. Simple but powerful play style is expected at this table.
  • CHADA MODEL The elongated table Sitting in a wheel chair, laying the same table that standing players play, Chada has a limited arm reach. To her, a ball hitting close to the net looks far out of reach.
  • CHADA MODEL The net game It is almost impossible to reach the net. Know that little could be done if a ball hits that part of the surface and be prepared.
  • CHADA MODEL Dictate the rally Do not let your opponent take control. Strategize your attacks to avoid returns close to the net. Put yourself in your opponent’s shoes and you will find a way.

International Quality Standards These tables are manufactured with the same technology used to build the “Les yeux bleus" series, an official model for international competitions. The perfectly flat tabletop is designed to ensure a uniform bounce along the entire surface.

Design Concept The bottom layer that is shaped in proportion to the standard pingpong table transforms into the unique shape of the tabletop. It is designed to allow for an intuitive visual understanding of the diverse reality experienced by para athletes.

Universal Design This table is for everyone—children, adults and the elderly, with or without disabilities. The leg layers of the tables are detachable to allow for the wheelchair users to play. Stand in front of these tables and experience the world of para athletes.